You Can Now Locate Your Phone Even if It’s Offline with Samsung “Find My Phone”

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Wow this feature is a bomb, you can now track and know your phone location even if the phone is offline and this feature is coming from Samsung “Find Your Phone” You know the feelings of losing your phone with all the important things in it, worry no more, the company added a new update which enables the galaxy phones to track down a lost phone even if it’s offline..

Samsung is enabling the ability to locate your phone (and, subsequently, watches or earbuds) when the device is offline or lack an active connection to the internet.

samsung find my phones even if it's offline

How to “Find Your Phone” On Samsung

When this feature is enabled, Samsung says other nearby Galaxy devices with the same feature enabled will “scan” for others that allows each phone to report on another’s location when lost.

This new update arrives in version of the Find my Mobile app that is currently rolling out. It’s not enabled by default, but Samsung is sending push notifications to Galaxy owners to inform them of the option, as friend-of-the-site Max Weinbach spotted.

However, this feature has been available on iPhones since iOS 13 and its is tagged “Offline Finding” which means Samsung did copy this feature from Apple, but who cares, its a welcomed advancement.

For Samsung Galaxy owners, this is certainly a helpful option. An active internet connection — such as what’s used in Google’s “Find my Device” app and also utilized in the Samsung “Find my Mobile” app — may still be able to more reliably find your device, but for tablets especially, I could imagine this new offline option being an absolute life-saver.


Hi, can you help by sharing this thanks
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