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How to Get USA and Other Foreign Countries Numbers For Free

How to Get USA and Other Foreign Countries Numbers For Free

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We all know getting a USA or any foreign number this time is pretty costly not everybody can afford getting USA or other foreign number, have you been looking for a way to get a USA or other foreign countries number for absolutely free which can be use for Whatsapp, Fiverr, Facebook and other application keep following this tutorial I’ll teach you How to Get USA and Other Foreign Countries Numbers For Free, sounds cool right? Don’t thank me yet, I have been enjoying this for a while now and thought i should share with you, it won’t hurt you know? OK, fasten your seat bell as we take the ride.

Why You Need A USA and Other Foreign Countries Number

Have you asked yourself why you need a foreign number? I personally use of foreign number to open Facebook or Whatsapp profile that won’t get disable easily.

Recently, I get disable so fast trying to open new Facebook profile to target USA with my Facebook Ads, So, I decided to test run some few methods which prompted me to get a USA number, I’ll keep you updated on the outcome.

Whatever you intend using a foreign number for, I will advice it should be legit and not for scam, I won’t be held responsible for any misdeed you use this information for thanks.

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How to Get USA and Other Foreign Countries Numbers For Free

There are few working methods that can be used to get free mobile, with Google Voice being the best option. Google Voice is a VOIP service offered by Google. Google Voice allows users to get a permanent USA number that can be used just like normal phone numbers. Google voice can be used to:

Google Voice number is linked to Gmail account, and an account can have only one number linked to it. Google Voice number is quite difficult to create for people living outside the USA and don’t have access to a working USA number. However, there are different platforms where users can buy Google Voice numbers that can be used for a lifetime.

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Get it free:

Go to Google PlayStore and download Windscribe VPN. it looks exactly like the image below

Windscribe VPN.

You can Create an account directly from the app or by visiting WindScribe’s official website. ( I created mine with the app, it was simpler and straight forward)

Launch the app, you will see several prompts, click yes and accept all of them.

Go through the list of servers and connect to any free USA server.

Now go back to Google PlayStore, search for TextMe or click here to download TextMe. USA numbers

Launch the app and sign up for a new account. Make sure you are still connected to WindScribe VPN else it won’t work.

You will be prompted to choose a city name use this Area code 469 (this is the area code of Texas, USA).

A list of available mobile numbers will be loaded, select anyone because they will all work. Don’t forget to stay connected to WindScribe VPN.

After the number has been acquired, write down the number and then open Whatsapp. If you had previously logged in another WhatsApp number, make sure you go to your Phone setting > Apps > WhatsApp and clear all data else this won’t work for you.

text me number aquisition

After launching WhatsApp, type the number you generated from TextMe (make sure the app is still open and active).

An SMS will be sent to the number but you will get an error message from TextMe which reads “Secure your number! The type of message you received can only be read if you buy your number for 1 week or more. Click on the link below to buy this number within 10 minutes and read immediately your message”. This requires you to pay over $5 before you can see the SMS from WhatsApp.

Text me error message

Go back to WhatsApp and select the “Call Me” option.

whatsapp "Call Me" verification option

A call will come in through the TextMe app, pick the call and you will hear your 6-digits WhatsApp code. Make sure your internet connection is strong or the call might not come through.

Congratulation you just acquired a use foreign number for free, but if you want to keep the number permanently you’ll have to purchase the number, enjoy while it last, if you have any problem kindly contact me, or use the comment box for below.

Hi, can you help by sharing this thanks

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