Blogging Experience: An Interview with pro Blogger, Ayorinde Ayodeji

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I read more than I write, why? It’s simple the more I read the more knowledge I get to write for my audience.

This simple logic works for me very well that’s how I spend most of my free time, reading and learning from Pro bloggers and connecting with them, it makes my learning experience easy and straight forward. Much deal of my research on how to make money online (apart form things i personally I decide to try on my own), are all from pros who have done or tried the same thing with first hand information. That’s the simple and best way to learn “learning from others experience

The mistakes many newbie bloggers make are avoidable mistakes if only they learn from the experience of other pros in the business.

That’s why I invited my friend and colleague in the blogging business Ayorinde Ayodeji to share with you guys his experience in the business spanning over 5years, I hope you learn from him read on.

Hi sir.

Thank you, sir for accepting this interview I’m really honored.

The experience you are going to share here will really serve as a stepping stone to up and coming bloggers in the blogsphere.

Question: when did you start blogging sir?
Well, I started blogging 2015.

Question: so far what can you say about the blogging business?

The blogging business is not easy, it’s a difficult journey to success, I could remember how I started blogging 2015 looking for the right blogging platform. But one thing about the blogging business is that it takes time to start making your money from blogging and you need to be ready to watch it grow.
A lot of people get confused with this statement;
“I am not blogging for money”, “I am blogging for because I just feel like”
Well, they need to know that every blogger launched their blog for a particular reason and one of the reasons includes making money from the blog but might not be from Google Adsense. So, they need to know that we all blog to make money which makes blogging a business.

Question: what do you wish you knew before starting your blog?

Wow, I love this question. I wished I knew the secret about blogging early but it was after few blogs I started learning what I should have learnt before. Well, learnt them myself like how to use the blogspot platform and The knowledge I gathered on was used in learning how to make use of self hosted WordPress but was much more different from But I wished I knew it all so I don’t make so much mistakes which I did till I got to where I am now and part of it, is what I keep telling newbies.

Question: what are the few mistakes you did when starting up your first blog?

The first mistake I did when I started my first blog was just aiming to get traffic forgetting content is king, I could barely write 100 words myself without copying. When I mean content, I mean I wrote what was worthless to even me writing it. I know a lot will laugh here, but now I know what to write and when to write it.
I can’t make such mistake again.

Question: do you still believe in the popular saying “content is King”?

Yes!!! A big YES!!
I believe it, content is king. If you don’t write what your audience wants why would they want to visit your blog? If you can answer that question then you should know content is king. Put this in real life, why would I search for list of 10 top best cars to buy in 2020 and am seeing your content is about how to buy and sell cars, that alone will tell me the writer just used me now in getting a few clicks but didn’t answer my question. I might be forced to leave that content and even tell people not to visit that blog because of bad content but a great content!… Sure, will always refer a friend to read it.

Question: what’s your blog URL?

My blog URL is it’s a technology blog, newly launched but with amazing amount of traffic and still growing rapidly.

Question: content and backlink which do you think is king in this era of blogging?

Considering Google’s update, content will always be the king because without content there is nothing to show off on your blog. Backlink just help your content move higher to where it deserves.

Question: what can you say about blogging this era?

Blogging is evolving big time but most of the techniques still works and will always work as long as its blogging, nothing much just write great contents that everyone wants to see and also build high quality backlinks and share your contents to social media, forums and Q&A sites and boom you moving.
So there is nothing new in blogging its just evolving just how people want to handle the situation on their blog and how they plan to get their traffic.

Question: what’s the challenge you feel new bloggers face?

One challenge new bloggers will always face is ability to write quality contents and the right backlinks to build and how to build them. They will always find it difficult getting traffic but they need to know one thing, they are learning and as they are learning they are also fixing their issues.

Question: have you ever felt like quitting blogging?

Yeah, I won’t lie about that. Even new bloggers will always feel like quitting but a blogger who knows what he/she is after will never stop blogging but keep the race going. You started for a reason so you can’t end for a reason.

Question: when did you make your first money from blogging?

Wow, I made my first money from blogging in 2016 or 2017 I can’t really remember. But I was into entertainment blogging so I promoted some songs for some artist on my wapka blog then some from Nigeria, Kenya and Cameroon.

Question: do you still think money can be made from blogging in this era?

There is money in blogging once you know what you are doing and how to make your money. Also know your sources of income and keep trying new sources of income you never what can work for you.

Question: if you’re offered 5 million to sell your blog will you sell it?

Well, am a business man … I will collect the money and create a new blog and make sure it beats the blog am selling x10 times that the person that bought the blog will come back to buy this new one again. Lol… But this my current blog is a brand not just a blog, so I can’t sell it. I know what I have made from that blog this year.

Question: lastly, what’s your advice to upcoming or new bloggers?

My advice to new bloggers is don’t give up on your blogging dream you will surely get to where you wish to be, all you have to do is keep learning no one is perfect and even me too I still learn new things just as we keep learning how to beat the new search engine algorithms. So that should tell you to keep learning if you want to be a Pro Blogger.

If you ever feel like quitting, always remember why you started and keep moving. Find your mistakes and try to erase them and keep moving. The road to success is full of mountains you need to climb to get to the finish line.

Once again Thank you for accepting this interview invitation.

Hi, can you help by sharing this thanks
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  1. Thanks for the interview, i appreciate you reaching out to pro bloggers and i love the good work you doing over here.

  2. Great lessons learnt from the guest; about content being important also backlink is also important since it can be very difficult to rank without backlink except one goes in for easy to rank keywords

    • I totally agree with you on backlink being important, I’ll also like to state that quality backlink (instead of just backlink) is important, thanks for stopping by.

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