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Hi, I’m John Miracle ( pronounce Miraykul) I love technology, I do a lot of techy stuff I just like playing around with all kinds of stuff testing how there work.




Johntechy is just my simple tech diary where I share great tips and stuff I have done both successful and not so successful

I started Johntechy not so long ago. But I have been in the blogging business for a long I have other cool blogs and I talk about a lot there ranging from Education, Gist, online money making, Reviews, and more. You are free to shout Versatile you won’t be wrong *winks*

In a nutshell, I solve problems for a living online.

Johntechy.com is your reliable blog for almost everything technology, my reviews here are always first-hand experience, so trust it to give you authentic knowledge about anything you find here.


Hi, can you help by sharing this thanks